2015. március 9., hétfő

Quad_13 second run

This time it is much better, I used beige and brown Lisbeth thread. At the middle of the side I reduced the stitch number from 10 to 5 in the rings. I found it can lie much more flat like that.
So I love this little pattern! Thank you Ninetta!

13 megjegyzés:

  1. Very nice pattern and I love your neat, perfect stitches! : )

  2. I have the site for the washcloth pattern, need to scroll down a bit and use larger thread or small soap :) https://tattinghomework.wordpress.com/category/2013/page/4/

  3. Nagyon szép, mit készítesz belőle?

  4. Ez csak egy próba, kíváncsi voltam, hogyan alakul ez a minta kis módosítással.
    Lehet, hogy egyszer majd felvarrom valamire:)

  5. Well done! I like the stitch's change, but the previous was lovely too, your tatting is perfect. Thank you :)

    1. Thank you Ninetta, I am not very good with the rings over 20 stiches:)


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