2015. március 19., csütörtök

Giant bunny

I have made the giant version of my soft and sweet plush bunny. This one is 50 cm tall:)
It is available now in my Easy Shop!

2015. március 18., szerda


I don't have too much time for my hobbies nowadays, but the violet fiber is on the spinning wheel :)

2015. március 17., kedd

Spring mood

I went to the local hobby shop, and couldn't resist to buy some new threads for crochet. These are  originally embroidery threads, but I love these springy colors:)
What did I make first? Of course flowers!

2015. március 15., vasárnap

Square mood

I have made some square motifs in different threads. Lizbeth 20 - purple, Hakelgarn 20 magenta, and Lizbeth 10 red.
It is amazing how they behave differently.

I have some more ideas to do anything with this motif:)

2015. március 10., kedd

Orange skein is ready

I have finished to spin the orange fibers. Nice and soft yarn.

2015. március 9., hétfő

Quad_13 second run

This time it is much better, I used beige and brown Lisbeth thread. At the middle of the side I reduced the stitch number from 10 to 5 in the rings. I found it can lie much more flat like that.
So I love this little pattern! Thank you Ninetta!

2015. március 8., vasárnap

Quad_13 first run

I took a chance on Ninetta's Quad_13. As a sample experiment I used  common, Poupettes yarn in two shades of rose.

This thread is very soft, so the final result is not very beautiful, a little bit "wavy", stitches are not quite consistent.

I am not very glad with the middle part of the darker rose row, these two rings doesn't lie as I wanted.

So I will make an other one from Lisbeth thread, and might modify this section.

2015. március 7., szombat

Little square motif

I tried several little motifs to connect  Ninetta's little square motifs. I have played a little bit: the first one is quite stressed, so on the next one  I didn't connected the middle picots.

This is the third one:
And a flower motif as well:

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