2015. március 8., vasárnap

Quad_13 first run

I took a chance on Ninetta's Quad_13. As a sample experiment I used  common, Poupettes yarn in two shades of rose.

This thread is very soft, so the final result is not very beautiful, a little bit "wavy", stitches are not quite consistent.

I am not very glad with the middle part of the darker rose row, these two rings doesn't lie as I wanted.

So I will make an other one from Lisbeth thread, and might modify this section.

5 megjegyzés:

  1. I like the colours of the threads.

  2. Yes, I too love the color I may try this combo someday, I love how everyone is trying this pattern, it is very nice and she is going to make more too!

  3. Lovely square pattern and lovely colours you used.

  4. Very nice colours, I love it.


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