2011. április 6., szerda

No secret

There's no secret about my flower motif with woven edging. Here are some photos how I made it.

I tat with shuttles, in  this case one shuttle.  When I have to make the woven part, there's no shuttle at all, only the thread.

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  1. Those are so nice! Thank you for sharing how to do the weaving! :)

  2. Orsi, I couldn't find an email for you so I hope this isn't too long. Judith Connors has done a similar technique in her book Creative Tatting. I bought it when I visited Australia and tatted the motif while there. http://threadsofatattinggoddess.blogspot.com/Tatting%20in%20Oz.jpg
    It's in the upper right hand corner. She used 2 colors and since rings and chains both were required for each color, it involved 4 shuttles. You could just wrap the thread on a small floss holder too. I think it also involved split rings, but created a very nice effect. My colors are almost too light to see the contrast. In another part of the book, she uses 3 colors and 6 shuttles to make a similar braid. Challenging! I think you'll go even further with this.

  3. Thank for sharing.It's beautiful.

  4. Beautiful. And while it may be no secret, I am going to have to study it a bit more. Did you join separate three to start the weave?

  5. Coretta,
    there are two rows of wave.
    First one is made by shuttle with only one thread, I left the "unshuttled" end of it long enough for work with it.
    Second row is a "nude" thread, there is no shuttle at all, it is finger tatting.


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