2011. január 27., csütörtök

MOTIF No. 12

Today I tatted a "modified Abigail".  The first ring is a little bit other, than the original:
rings: 4-3-3-4   chains: 6-6. It's the same size, than the original, but nice flat.
The second ring is made only with the trefoil motif. It became a square form.

I am so glad to read your comments. Bev, you are very welcome on my blog. 
Please tell me somebody what does it mean: LOL!

4 megjegyzés:

  1. You did a nice job on the modified Abigail - looks nice.

    LOL! = Laugh Out Loud!

  2. Thanks all of you. And now I know something new again in english. This blog for me is an english course too.


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