2011. január 26., szerda


I am still not healthy, so just do things amusing me. I have tatted Fox's Abigail. It is a very showy motif, I like it.
For me the number of  knots wasn't exactly good, because the middle flower isn't beautiful flat. Second round was perfect.
After starching and ironing the whole thing lies properly.
I think I will take a chance with an other one.

Sorry for the quality of my photos, but I took them by my phone.

Ladies! I've bought a picot gauge, but don't know how to use it! Please, please help me!!

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  1. http://www.georgiaseitz.com/2010/jenniferwmspicotgauge.pdf

    Here's a nice reference page. It shows both ways to use a picot gauge. Unfortunately, not all patterns tell you if the measurement they give is in height or width.

  2. Thank you so much for tatting such a beautiful "Abigail!" Such fun to see it out there in Tat-land!
    ♥ Fox : ))

  3. Enjoyed my visit to your blog. I’m sorry to read that you have been ill. Quite a number of tatters have had the flu lately. You did a good job with Foxs’ pattern. I had a bit of struggles with it also, but thought it was probably just ME. LOL I can take a simple thing and make it very difficult sometimes. Be well. I, too, use picot gauges as I like the balance that the consistency gives. Happy Tatting.
    Bev Davis aka Ridgewoman


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