2015. október 5., hétfő

Showing off - Dicsekszem

My "main products" are definitely my children :) Now let me show off a little bit. My younger son and his friends founded a band three month ago.They are The Luckies.
They made an EP with their own songs, and they had the first concert on Friday. They play a sort of old school blues and rock and roll.
You can listen to the EP here. Enjoy:)

A kisebbik fiam néhány barátjával alapított egy bandát három hónappal ezelőtt. Ők a The Luckies. Egyfajta régimódi blues és rock and roll stílusban játszanak.
Írtak négy saját számot is, amelynek lemezbemutató koncertje pénteken volt.
A lemezt itt lehet meghallgatni:) 

6 megjegyzés:

  1. Good luck to 'The Luckies' just listened to them and can hear every word - not always the case for many bands today!
    Now trying to work out which one your son is from the photos and FB. You have every right to be proud of your son.

    1. Hi Sally, thanks, yes I am proud. He is one of the two guitarists, on fb you can find him here:
      He learned to play guitar by his own from the internet. Last november he went to a teacher, and now he is admitted to the jazz conservatory :)

  2. Wow! Love it - very “old school!” You should be very proud. : ))


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