2015. október 19., hétfő

Corner - Sarok

A hétvégén megpróbáltam valami elfogadható sarok motívumot elővarázsolni a legutóbb tervezett mintámhoz. Hát az első csúfos kudarc lett.
A második már elég jól működőnek látszik, de azért kell egy próbát tennem  egy nagyobb darabon is.

At the weekend I tried to make some useful corner for my new edging, but the first one is a complete mess.
The second one looks quite O.K., but I have to make a bigger sample piece.
Anyway, thanks for the name suggestions, I like so much muscaan's "Elegant Peaks" and madtatter80's "Reflections" ideas.
What is about "Reflected Peaks" ? Does it sound well?

5 megjegyzés:

  1. No matter what you name it, it is very pretty!

  2. Love the name & the corner !
    The red corner actually looks like a flying Robin/bird, with some minor tweaks ... Or a snail, with the right colours !
    No design should go waste :-)

  3. I like that name, :) and I kind of thought it was a bird too when It showed up picture only. What every Diane is right it is pretty and well done.

  4. It’s so pretty... ‘Pinnacles?’

  5. Sounds good to me! Working out the corner is tricky, but you seem to be making good progress.


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