2015. augusztus 22., szombat

Knitting project

Hi everybody, I am here again. Nowadays I work very hard, and I have new projects as well, ( and quite a lot to finish:D ).

I go to a bespoke tailoring workshop 4 times a week, to learn how to make a top quality suit for men.
That was my big dream, and at last I found a professional english tailor here in Budapest, who teaches me:) So I am very happy.

In the meantime I try to finish some of my half ready projects, this scarf is one of them. Hand spun merino wool, natural color. So soft and fluffy.

5 megjegyzés:

  1. Your knitting looks very nice and I am proud of you for learning to make a suit my mother was a tailor and I know how involved that process is many suits look sloppy and a good eye can see this especially after taking a class. Congratulations! Have a great week end!

  2. Your course sounds really interesting. I'm glad to hear those tailoring skills are being passed on. Handspun merino - wonderful!

  3. I had a great uncle who was a tailor. According to family stories, he was well respected and quite successful. I tried to make a man's suit coat about 40 years ago. It was a lot of work! I wish you well in your new venture!

  4. Nagyon szép, de sajnos még mindig nem tudok angolul:-( Osszad meg magyarul ls, ha van időd:-) Ölellek.


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