2015. február 15., vasárnap

When computer doesn't work

I was here quite a long time ago, but telling the truth, without a computer it is hard to write new posts.

I had a fabulous Imac, 8 years old, and last May the video card stopped to work. It is in the second service, but they can't find a proper piece to repair.
So I think it is the end of our relationship.
To buy a new one is very expensive, but I don't want any other type of machine.

Anyway, now I could steal a little bit of time on the family one :)

My first tatting work in this year a little motif I have found on Frivol's blog.
Very cute. I modified a little bit the corner parts, the loops are just a fraction bigger, than  the original.

I made some samples to put together the motifs for doily or any other use.Of course I have some more ideas.
And I would like to try something to turn it into a chic pendant:)

6 megjegyzés:

  1. You have my sympathies, I'm also sharing the family computer after mine died. It's a pretty motif. I joined them in a line to make a bookmark. I think it's the same one, I got it from Ninetta's blog.

  2. Beautiful tatting! Missed your posts. : )

  3. I understand your relationship with your computer. Once you love a certain machine, its hard to settle for less. Your tatting is lovely, and I hope to see more from you soon.

  4. Nice to see you back blogging, Computers maybe the future but when they play up life seems to come to a halt
    Lovely tatting great motif to work with

  5. I like the way you treated that little square! Lovely combination!

  6. Lovely motif, it comes from a very old silk collar I've had as a gift, I love how they connect together but also a bead could find room in the center, and used as a pendant. Thank you for sharing.


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