2013. május 26., vasárnap

A nyertes...- The winner is...

MARGARET, from margaretsdesignercards!

Congratulations Margaret!
Please e-mail me your address, which colour you prefer,  and I will send you the set of tatted jewellery:)))

5 megjegyzés:

  1. Gratulálok Margaretnek a gyönyörű ékszerhez:-))

  2. Lucky Margaret! Congratulations to her, I hope she will enjoy your generous gift.

  3. Yay Margaret! You lucky ducky!

  4. Gratulálok Margaret! Congratulations Margaret! Couldn't go to a nicer lady.

  5. Thank you it's made my day, so far today I have seen a surgeon who got this finger out, blood tests and another ultra scan and I go back and see him next Monday to discuss surgery.
    I have had to pinch myself,


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