2011. március 5., szombat

Virág -Flower

Ladies and Gentlemen,
there are some things to "announce":

Mary - please send me  by e-mail your name and address, than all you have to do is wait for the post bring your parcel. My e-mail is: spulni11@gmail.com

Jane - I have sent you an e-mail to ask you about your method with JKs, but my computer said, the address I want to send mail is maybe not a proper one. I don't know if you have got my e-mail.

Weekends are always very busy for me, because my children come home from the college, my husband from his "country-work" and I have to wash and iron a huge "mountain" of clothes. And of course it is the time when we can be together as a family.
But now, I had to try to tat my flower with JKs, just to know how it shows.

What I really want to make is a lace "fabric" ( as you know I always think about dresses ), basically black, with white flowers between. Maybe this is the good "direction" to reach my goal, but I still do not like the outer ring. That's true, the black thread is thinner than the white and the black can't be pronounced. And I want to add some beads for the central JK ring. Anyway I have to work on it:-)

Coming soon: "The doily is ready" and  "The four Austerlitz triangle" LOL

4 megjegyzés:

  1. I did get your email and I replied!!!! This is the link I sent you.
    Hope this helps. Try sending emails to lovetotat @ gmail.com (take out the spaces). Jane.

  2. This is very pretty, and I think beads in the center would look great!

  3. Your tatting is always so wonderful! I love this flower!!!!


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