2010. július 26., hétfő


Thanks for the very kind words, I go on with my work.

Agasunset had a question:
I don't line under the lace, because the transparency is very important. It don't afraid of stretching because I work with a good quality cotton fiber and my stitches are quite tight ( I make it by or with? shuttles ).
Actually, when some cotton outfit stretches, you can put it in warm ( but not hot ) water than iron it . It usually happens with tousers, with jeans as well. But it is because the knees. On my suit it could happens at elbow part, but I make it with short sleeves:-)

A csipkekosztüm egy nagyobb project, sokáig tart amíg még befejezem, és mivel egy kis befejezettségre vágytam, kipróbáltam egy mintát, amit már régebben kinéztem magamnak.
Na és nem teljesen mellékesen elfogyott a piros fonalam, úgyhogy be kell szereznem egy újabb spulnit :-).

No tehát, a mintát az interneten talátam egy mintagyűjteményben, amely az alábbi címen elérhető:

Íme az eredeti:

Elég lassan haladtam vele, ezért egy kicsit változtattam az alapon, ez lett belőle:

Motif 4

I have a little breakout, can't make the suit, because I have run out of red yarn, so I have to buy one.
Now ( just for not lazing ) I prepared a bell flower, after a pattern from the internet:

The original is above, than I have modified it a little bit, the two others are below.

And I have felted a doll, she is called Gigi :

My next project ( oh, I have lots of new ideas ) is nuno felting and lace.

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  1. Thank you very much for answering my question. It will look much better without lining like you said, for transparency. I can't wait for final result, you are incredible :))

  2. This white motives are very pretty!


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